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How To Play: Move using WASD, left mouse button to shoot, R to reload, E to the board, and 1234 to switch weapons.


Fight continuously for glory in – an online game developed on a web browser. Will you be strong enough to master the battlefield with the enemy’s resistance?

Play online, players will come to a large battlefield with other opponents around the world. Here, players will freely choose weapons as well as defeat enemies in many different ways. You can defeat them using guns, tanks, or even unexpected weapons. unblocked offers more than 20 different weapons, and players can also switch between them using the number pad.

One of the factors that make Battledudes io stand out from other shooter games on the market is the ability to drive. Thereby, you can control your character to move and fight through tanks or jeeps on the map. As you level up, you’ll get some health-related perks as well as increased damage on the battlefield. Overall, is one of the io games worth experiencing at the moment. You should try the game experience to get a better overview than what is described in this article.

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