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How To Play: We will show you the guideline on how to control in To move, use the mouse to control the way of the shark. Press and hold the mouse button to boost up. You can also use the space bar to boost.

About is a multiplayer io game. Truthfully, this game will bring you in time, when you are engrossed in the classic game “Feeding Frenzy”. And you will play a role as a baby shark, try to eat to grow, escape from bigger and dangerous fish. Let’s check out some smart tricks to play online.

Sharks will chase each other in a water field. So your target is smaller sharks and remembers to escape from bigger sharks. Eat foods to grow your size and utilize a boost to start an attack or run away from your enemies. But on the other hand, boosting will cause you to lose gems that you have eaten and your shark will shrivel. It is insightful to possibly utilize the boost when it is vital.

You can choose more colors in unblocked. Moreover, this multiplayer will recall your childhood with a simple graphic, easy control and rules. And if you want to explore more Ocean io games, check out our website! We provide various kinds of HTML5 online and it is an ideal game for you and your friends to spend your time!

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