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How To Play: Use WASD to move, E/F to collect items, the left mouse to shoot enemies, or build items. Use Q to toggle the build mode, spacebar to jump, Shift to sprint, R to reload, view the map with M, and use number keys 1-6 to change weapons.

About is one of the best io games online with the battle royale style and 2D graphics. If you are a fan of unblocked io games, you should play game for free and use your skills to vanquish all challenges as well as beat other players.

Battle royale io games are good to play, and so is this title. You are unarmed when entering the arena, so focus on collecting items with weapons as fast as you can then use them to beat others. Make a base for yourself, craft tools using your collected resources, and make use of them to your advantage. You need to aim and shoot enemies while avoiding their shots. Protect yourself from the enemy shots so you can survive! Watch out for the storm as well! Try not to leave the safe zone, or you will be damaged. You are fighting for the top spot on the leaderboard! Enjoy the game now!

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