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Instructions: Use the mouse cursor to navigate your hole.

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hole.io is a cool MMO adventure game. In which, you are able to choose to play Free For All or Team. Although starting off with a tiny black hole, you can swallow everything you see on your way without difficulty. Spawn in a strange city map and roam freely throughout that lively metropolis. There is a lot of food on the path such as traffic cones, cars, fences, street lights, humans, and even buildings. They will be useful items that allow you to increase your own mass in a short time. In other words, you will become larger and larger. However, you are recommended to choose stuff which has the same size after you begin.

Aside from that, hole.io will give you many exciting multiplayer matches where you can find numerous opponents with various shapes. Competing against each other will be the key to make your journey more interesting. Additionally, you will have the chance to prove your power by earning high ranks and dominating the leaderboard of hole.io. But, avoid bigger guys for survival! Always be aggressive because each round will only last for 2 minutes! Good luck!

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