Wormate.io APK 4.0.5: How To Play And Download This Snake Game

Wormate.io APK 4.0.5 is a popular online snake game. This article will help you understand how to play with some tips and also how to download this game.

Wormate.io APK 4.0.5 is an online snake game for gamers on Android devices. With gameplay similar to Slither.io, Wormate is also supplemented with many cool features and a much more dynamic interface design. Instead of controlling a snake like in Slither.io, in this game the player will have a worm. Their mission is to feed the worm and compete with other players in the world. Besides, one of the special things of the game Wormate.io is that you can choose from different skin styles for your worm. The maker of this game is very smart when it comes to designing very lively and beautiful skins for big holidays like Christmas. In this following article, we will learn more about the introduction and Wormate.io APK download.

How to play the game Wormate.io online

Although this game is still quite new to many people, Wormate still does not lose its hotness. Currently there are still many players participating in the arena Wormate.io and there are times up to nearly thousand people.

Wormate.io online is released by Oleksandr Godoba. Basically, the gameplay of this game is not complicated. The players’ task is to help their worm grow up and be as big as possible in the arena. Wormate.io mobile is a little different from traditional snake games, that is, you cannot die when you hit your own head. This will be one of the advantages for players so that they don’t have to start a new match too soon. Besides, your playground is very large. Even in a game there can be up to 300 worms in an arena. Basically, you only die when you hit the body of another worm. Note that you only have two options, eat or be eaten in this game. Would you like to evolve into an anaconda, or become a fellow dinner?

Eat sweets around to help your worm grow bigger
Eat sweets around to help your worm grow bigger

The worms in the Wormate.io are very gluttonous. They love cakes, cookies, candies and many other sweets. To play this game, you need to control the direction of the worm’s movement with your left finger, accelerate with your right finger. Help the worm eat lots of pastries everywhere to make it bigger and bigger than the other worms. However, note that bigger doesn’t mean stronger. Survival rate depends on your dexterity of movement. If you are bigger than your opponent, that will be an advantage, but that doesn’t mean you are the strongest worm. With just a little clumsiness, you can hit another worm’s body and turn into a hearty dinner for other opponents around.

Some tactics to play Wormate.io APK 4.0.5

The most common tactic when playing Wormate.io is that you curl up around opponents that are smaller than you, and then slowly narrow the radius. This way will help you to quickly destroy the opponent. Because the worms in this game are very active. They are always moving forward instead of sitting still in the arena. So your opponent has no choice but to suffer a slow and powerless death if surrounded by you. Your reward will depend on the size of the worm you defeated. This is probably the sweetest reward in the game, because your opponent will turn into sweet candy.

Don’t forget the power-ups

When you first start, you will be just a small worm in the middle of a rival jungle. This can make you feel overwhelmed by the size of other giant worms. It could even be one-third the size of your screen. However, do not be afraid. Start by eating lots of cakes, cookies and sweets to grow you little by little. One tactic to speed up the growth of worms is power-ups. They can help your journey. Accordingly, you can get power-ups by eating pharmaceuticals.

In the game there will be different pharmaceuticals. Blue pharmacy has the function of helping your worms go faster. Blue and red pharmaceuticals help you attract sweet candies within a certain distance. And finally, the orange elixir helps your worms grow faster.

Eat pills for power-ups to help your worm grow fast
Eat pills for power-ups to help your worm grow fast

Unlock skin for worms

Wormate.io mobile brings you a wide range of colorful skins for your worm. If you play in Guest mode, you will get a random outfit. But if you log in with Facebook or Google, you can earn coins to customize your skin. Do you want a worm with the Christmas holiday motif or the spooky drawings of Halloween?

Playing more points will help earn coins to buy costumes for your worm
Playing more points will help earn coins to buy costumes for your worm

Besides, you can customize the face and expression of your worm for a more enjoyable experience. To do this, you need to customize the worm’s eyeglasses, hat, eye and mouth. It may sound weird, but the worms with a cute expression can make you more excited and have more fun.

Compete with other players

Wormate.io is an online game, so you can play with hundreds of other players in different countries over the world. In a match there can be an infinite number of players. You will have to compete with those players to find out who has the biggest worm.

All kind of modes in the game Wormate.io APK 4.0.5

Up to now, Wormate.io has two main modes, Arena and 2 Team. In Arena mode, you need to eat a lot, beat other players to become the biggest worm in the rankings. Meanwhile, with 2 Team mode, your task is similar. One only thing is that all players will be divided into two teams. You will not die if you collide with your teammates. In the end, the team with more points wins the competition. So please invite your friends and join in this very interesting game.

Moreover, Wormate.io APK 4.0.5, like other io games online, has simple 2D graphics, but also very impressive. The worms in the game have cute and funny expressions. They bring many colorful colors with many different funny images that attract players.

Besides, remember to note the small map in the left corner of your screen. It will give you some information, which helps you to spot some other players near your location.

Wormate.io's graphics are very simple but very eye-catching for players
Wormate.io’s graphics are very simple but very eye-catching for players

Download Wormate.io APK 4.0.5 for your mobile

Wormate.io unblocked is very simple so anyone can completely download this game on their phones. Just like Slither.io, you can play Wormate.io on an app for Android and iOS. However, there is a slight configuration requirement, for Android 4.4 and up, and for iOS 8.0 and up. With just a few simple steps you can download and experience the Wormate.io game. All players around the world will be participating in the same arena without any separation or restriction.Wormate.io promises to be a new spiritual food for everyone.

Download Wormate.io APK

After playing this game, I no longer see worms as a scary animal. The cute worms in the game Wormate.io online will keep you entertained after hours of stressful work and free time. If you are satisfied with this article, do not forget to follow and leave a comment below. Please download the game Wormate.io APK right away and share your gaming experiences with interesting strategies below this article. And now let’s enjoy it!

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