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Instructions: Use keys A/D to steer, up arrow key or key W to speed up, click the left mouse to shoot the primary turret, click the right mouse or spacebar to shoot the secondary weapon.

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What will happen to you when you are dropped in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Join Roter.io game right now to find out what dangers and challenges you are going to face then see if you can get through all of them or not. This is another tank-themed IO game that you must use your strategies to beat the opponents. You are provided with just a tiny piece of land full of fuel and a small tank. They are all crucial things you have, so you must defend them all the time as you venture out into the world to undertake tougher challenges. The whole world is against you, but you can fight it back using your tank. Go collect a lot of metals by shooting a metal clump or finishing off another player. Touch your base to refuel, upgrade your tank frequently to become stronger and give others no chances to attack you back. Your main objective here is to build your highest dominance in this world.

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