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How To Play: Perform the movements using WASD. Click the left/right mouse to fire, change the weapons using the number keys.


battleroyale-io is a top-down multiplayer battle royale survival game online. You will have another encounter with new foes from across the world in the same lobby, and you know what you must do, right? Just kill and kill! Everyone is an enemy here, so if you don’t finish them off, you will end up dying for sure. You need to choose your favorite start location on the map to get the best position then jump directly into the battle. features numerous mysterious areas for you to explore and take advantage of. You must use your simple pistol to shoot down the rivals and as you navigate through the map, you can even find better weapons with handier equipment. Make the most use of them to dish out damage to other players while trying to defend yourself from their attacks. The biggest objective you have to achieve is to become the last player standing. Enjoy it now! Good luck!

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