Undead 2048

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How To Play: Click on the direction arrows on the screen to move the blocks and match

About Undead 2048

Undead 2048

Undead 2048 unblocked is a game inspired by the epic puzzle game 2048. But it brings a new puzzle interface with typical Halloween characters, try it now here to enjoy.

Is 2048 game your passion since childhood? If yes, would you like to try it again now as in a new context? So you can play Undead 2048 online now and enjoy interesting puzzles by matching different characters. Pumpkins, spiders, skeletons, witches and more, do you want to see them? You need to successfully match two similar characters to create a new, more advanced character. For example, you can match 2 pumpkins to make a spider, then match 2 spiders to make a skeleton… Even if you combine two skeletons, you will get a zombie, then more a wolf, witch and what’s more interesting. All of them will create a great atmosphere for you to really immerse yourself in the Halloween night.

The 2048 gameplay returns with a new setting and new items like the familiar gameplay mechanics. You can touch the 4 direction arrows to move the blocks as you like and create perfect combos. You will see new characters appear after each successful match and they also bring profit. Moreover, this puzzle game online is an endless experience because you can play it until you reach the desired threshold. Match, match and match more to get what you always expect, not just a witch but maybe a super cool batman. So if you pair two batsmen, what will you get? Answer this question for yourself in your fun puzzle levels here.

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