Steve’s World

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How To Play: Player 1: Arrow keys to move your character around the world. Z key to jump or jump on the enemy's head. X key to throw fireballs if they are valid. Player 2 : WASD keys to help your player roam around. K to hop. J to launch a fireball if they're available.

About Steve’s World

Steve's World

Steve’s World is a fun and challenging adventure platformer game. It will give you tons of dangerous obstacles and enemies. Try to conquer all of them and survive!

Remember that it is a playfield that can contain two players at a time! Thus, you can start to play Steve’s World online alone or with a friend. But, you must stay alive if you want to complete any level.

Aside from walking, it’s possible to jump over something like the enemy or the trap. It’s also one of the ways to protect yourself. However, you are able to hop on the head of your enemies to remove them.

Avoiding obstacles is a method to maintain your survival. If you access Square Bird, you can find out another tip to dodge them. So, you should choose the right time to perform your jumps.

Moreover, in the pixel html5 game that you are connecting to, you shouldn’t forget to interact with star blocks and gather bonus items. They are lives, gold coins, and many more. Meanwhile, wearing the cape will allow you to collect coins and bonuses in higher positions.

Steve’s World 2 players game is free to experience with your buddy. Begin to travel around the new map and unlock levels!

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