Bad Ice Cream

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How To Play: Use arrow keys to move your character. Use space bar to create or destroy ice blocks

About Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream unblocked is one of the best Arcade games online. So, you can believe that this game is interesting and fantastic enough for you to try it.

In this Bad Ice Cream online game, you will be an ice cream go-out to an adventure. This game has two modes: one is the single-play mode, another is the 2-player mode. You will go around to collect those bananas and grapes that are all over the maps. Moreover, you can destroy the block of ice or make it up to block other things like a monster or another player to collect your food. There are many levels for you to try and play. This game has cute graphics and easy gameplay so you can play it easily. This game will give you a comfortable feeling while playing. Now you can play Bad Ice Cream for free with flash on Web Browser.

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