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How To Play: Control the movement of your army using the mouse only.



Give a shot to a fun RPG Power-ups IO game called SMISMI.ONLINE! This is going to be an enchanting game that is free for all. In the game, you take on the role of a slime king whose job is to direct an army of slime and make an attempt to consume the entire city as soon as possible. You will come across many opponents who always try to vanquish your own slime army if you let them. Of course, you will not allow it to happen, right? You must fight them back and always stay watchful for them during the course of the fight. When your army grows in size, you will find it much easier to consume most of any objects faster. Just make sure that enemies will not harm your army, in case they have a chance for that, you may meet your doom. The goal of SMISMI.ONLINE is to build your dominance in the kingdom and become the best slime king of all.

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