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Wormate.io is an interesting game with simple rules, in which you can try to compete with opponent all around the world. Let's play wormate-io.org right now.

Wormate.io is the explosion with colorful worm and simple gameplay! In this game, you will become one of these long and flexible worms and enter a dull spot where you are asked to consistently search for the most delightful food to fulfill your hungry mouth. Try not to rush and be careful and patient! You will find a great space brimming with sweets, cakes and various kinds of food. Those foods appear around the playfield and when your enemies get destroyed. This site is a playground for you to play and Wormate.io is not our game.

Our website regularly updates the latest io games to provide gamers. But keep in mind that this is an unofficial Wormate.io site! Wormate.io game, images, and other online games are not owned by the site, but the content of the article is owned by us.

Information about Wormate.io game

In the playfield of Wormate.io, players around the world play together and sliding around together to eat all the food they are able to. To make the game more competitive, they can smash one another into pieces of sweets. You can eat the plunder that the dead body left. At the point when you devour his leftover part with the food you gather already, you will be longer and become bigger fundamentally.

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Other than both of things above, there are a lot of rewards in the Wormate.io game. It named Boosters, which help you acquire mass, draw in more stuff. It can also make you become invisible and other amazing impacts that you can check immediately after you get them. And when you become the biggest worm, your name will be put on the first rank on the ranking table right away.

In the game, there are various colors of skin for you to choose. These outfits are free, but you need to share the game with your friends in order to use it.

If you want to know tips and tricks to play Wormate.io, let’s find out more information right now! If you want to master the game and not become the food for your enemies, check it out right now!

How to Play Wormate.io

Guideline to play Wormate.io smartly to win the game!
Guideline to play Wormate.io smartly to win the game!

Firstly, when you enter the game, choose one cool name for your worm! You can select between two options: play as as guest or login the game. 

Control your worm by mouse. The head of the worm is moving forward in the direction of the mouse. To boost up the speed, press the left mouse button. You can use this ability to run away from your enemies or trick them into a dangerous situation and turn them into the massive of sweets. It is a tip for you to quickly kill the opponent and raise your rank. But be careful, when you boost up speed, you will digest more quickly and get smaller.

But you don’t have to be panic. Size is not the most important thing in this game. Even if you are small, you can kill the bigger worm! You just need a little skill, luck, and speed! Using some tricks so they can be killed in a wink!

Furthermore, guard your head! Try not to hit anyone! Else, you will bite the dust right away. You can utilize that to cut off different players and increment the capacity to group their scores.

In this game, there are a lot of things you need to explore yourself! The magic potions are one of them. The difference of the liquid is a different function. There are total four kinds of potions with 4 colors: green, blue, red – blue and orange. The effect is worn off after 10 to 40 seconds, so try to utilize it!

Cute and colorful worms won’t get you tired and having a relaxing time with fellows. You are play a role as a worm in the universe of candies, cookies and sweets. Play and make the best result to share with your friends!