Robot Runner

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How To Play: Click at the right time to help the character jump over the obstacles on the track

About Robot Runner

Robot Runner

Robot Runner game is a great game for you to try the feeling of running on many terrain. You will control a robot and help him survive the pitfalls in the factory.

Endless runner gameplay returns in a new adventure in Robot Runner unblocked. You will accompany a black robot guy and overcome challenges on the run to survive as long as possible. Simply tap the screen to jump and pass any gaps on the track. If you don’t jump at the right time, your character will fall into the hole and you need to start over. A simple yet addictive gameplay that will keep you hooked for a long time. But it can also make you mad with the character’s unusual jumping mechanics. Each click will help the character jump once, but you need to adjust the jump time. Just a little late or a little early will get you in trouble right away. So the control is quite simple but to master it in your game, it’s really not easy.

You can play Robot Runner online on browsers and challenge yourself in this endless running. This is your chance to show your running skills and help the poor robot guy survive in the factory full of machines. A dark and oppressive background with constant engine sounds and animations can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed. But try to keep calm to control your robot and conquer challenging tracks. Here you can score new records and it shows in your score. The score will increase when you have enough experience to master all situations in the game.

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