Dream Restaurant

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How To Play: Use the mouse to navigate the waiter as you like.

About Dream Restaurant

Dream Restaurant

Join Dream Restaurant HTML5 to try yourself as a waiter at a fast food restaurant. There will be a lot of customers coming to the store, please give the best service.

In the role of a waiter, you will find ways to shorten your service process to ensure customer satisfaction. Initially, the few guests make it possible to complete the challenge easily. But the later, the more customers there are, if they don’t act quickly, they will leave and never come back.

Delicious dishes will be created by the chef so you won’t need to pay attention to the cooking process. All dishes will display on a separate shelf, you just need to approach the position of the food shelf to get the suitable dishes. Of course, each customer will have different dining needs in Dream Restaurant unblocked.

The areas in the restaurant will become more diverse with the appearance of more tables. This will allow multiple customers to experience food service at the same time. But you will face more difficulties in the serving process. Because new dishes will also appear with higher requirements from customers.

Restaurant-related upgrades will appear continuously after each stage. You just need to take care of the store servicing job to make sure everything is developing according to plan. We believe that you will quickly own a dream restaurant if it fully meets the needs of customers.

Play Dream Restaurant online, you need to ensure agility for the main character. Everything will increase in difficulty continuously over time, just a moment of distraction or delay and you will lose customers. Test your manipulation skills by enjoying this game through the browser now.

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