City of Psychos

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How To Play: WASD or Arrow keys to wander around the battlefield Hold the left mouse button and Shift at a time to run Press the Spacebar key to jump Click Left Mouse to fire the enemy Right-click to aim at the zombie Scroll the mouse wheel or choose between 1 and 2 to change your weapons X to remove a weapon that you have

About City of Psychos

City of Psychos

Play City of Psychos 3D game and you can enter a world attacked by a dangerous virus. Always avoid infected people and make use of your weapons to protect yourself!

It is also an addictive shooter game where you will have the time to explore every corner with hordes of zombies. Not only that, you can perform your shooting ability when fighting against these crazy creatures.

Furthermore, you should not allow any of them to approach or catch you. Otherwise, they will infect you and you will turn into a walking dead after that. So, you must defend your character in every case.

In the present third-person zombie shooting game, you will be able to pick up weapons, first aid, and even money while roaming throughout the playfield. And, they will be the most important tools to help you reach the safest location soon.

City of Psychos unblocked is a good game with survival elements and amazing gameplay. Besides, there will be various kinds of enemies waiting for you to discover. Let’s check controls and master how to fire now!

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