Time Shooter 2

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How To Play: Move with WASD, pick up weapons with left click and drag, shoot with left click.

About Time Shooter 2

Time Shooter 2

Join Time Shooter 2 unblocked and test your shooting skills in 3D wars. You will have the opportunity to discover unique weapons and levels from easy to difficult.

Do you love fast-paced yet easy-to-play shooting games? Then this is the option for you, where there are a series of 3D shooting levels for you to fight with NPCs. Enemies are everywhere around you, so do you have a plan? Attack or defend, run or stand still to shoot?

The battles in the game take place according to the level system. When you play Time Shooter 2 online and win, you will unlock next level with better challenge. Enemies will be increasingly crowded to test your spirit and skills. But it will help you approach the game from easy to difficult, or even extremely difficult.

So, you can train to go from an amateur to a professional shooter. To fight well, you need to have a clear plan of how to move, attack, defend and more. The game context is unique 3D blocks and you can take advantage of the terrain to implement your plan.

This shooting game gives you a unique weapon system to try. It includes guns like shotguns, machine guns, pistols and even an axe. Weapons are around the map at each level, so you can pick up and change weapons as the battle progresses.

We rate Time Shooter 2 as one of the best survival 3D games on the online browser. Because it has attractive shooting gameplay and has a pretty good investment in graphics and sound. Play it and enjoy vivid slow-motion cuts to feel the heat of the bullets.

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