Mummy Shooter

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How To Play: Click on the position you want to shoot and release the mouse to shoot

About Mummy Shooter

Mummy Shooter

Mummy Shooter unblocked online is a shooting game where you become an adventurer in a mummy dungeon. Show your continuous shooting talent to destroy the evil mummies.

Have you ever thought about exploring the ancient mummy dungeons? It sounds crazy, but it’s also fun, right? So you should play Mummy Shooter for free now and enjoy the most exciting adventures. Here, you discover ancient mummies, but they don’t look very gentle. So you need to destroy them all to get out of the ancient tunnel. You will do it using the gun and the ability to shoot in rapid succession. Can you destroy all enemies with just one shot? That is possible if you have the right angle to shoot, but you don’t have to aim at the right target. You can aim at the wall and watch the bullet bounce left and right and then hit the mummies. Yes, the gameplay of this title is more like a shooting puzzle art than the usual action style.

This 2D shooter game can entertain you with crazy shooting puzzle series. To do well, you need close observation and good imagination to visualize the trajectory of the projectile. You will pass the levels from easy to difficult one by one with an increasing number of enemies. Meanwhile, you only have a certain number of bullets, so you need to make good use of your shots. Shoot creatively and tactically to hit as many targets as possible. You can become a great shooter and a real strategist in this experience. Moreover, you are also a full-fledged adventurer who can conquer every ancient mummy dungeon.

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