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Instructions: Use the left mouse to shoot at enemies, and move your ship using the mouse. Place cursor inside the circle around the shop to move at a slower speed and make sharper turns. 

Galaxystrife about:


Think you can get through the large universe full of impediments? With Galaxystrife game, everything becomes much more challenging to master. This is a fantastic multiplayer 2D shooter game situated in space where players have to control their ships carefully to overcome many dangerous objects around them, like debris, asteroids, flying bullets, shrapnel, and explosions. These obstacles are not easy to conquer! You have to maneuver the ship to elude all of them, otherwise, it will take damage, causing the game to be over. When you make your way through space, don’t forget to collect weapons, special skills or energy orbs dropped by dead enemies. Then, make the most out of them to take on tougher rivals before they take you down. Like other IO games, Galaxystrife also features a wide range of weapons and skills to use, such as a machine gun, grenades, plasma orbs, sniper rifle, mines, and homing missiles. Will you be able to get to the top 1? Good luck!

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