Fields of Fury

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How To Play: Walk around the map with WASD keys. Jump to overcome an obstacle or to avoid with Spacebar. Shoot at your foes with Left Mouse. Ai at these people with Right Mouse. Switch your tools with 1-4. Check the scoreboard with Tab. Chat with your friends with Enter.

About Fields of Fury

Fields of Fury

Fields of Fury game gives you an occasion to practice your shooting ability for free. Just select a class and you can join a fight against many strong opponents.

Because it is a gun game multiplayer online, you should search for health kits with ammo packs on the ground. Besides, try to defend your flag! And, you can begin as a rifleman or a machine gunner if you are a newbie. Don’t miss the minimap to find your foes!

Fields of Fury is a free online FPS with many remarkable features. Get ready to fight and win against every rival!

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