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About Wormate.io

You may not imagine that every worm in Wormate.io game is showing their yearning desire to become the most powerful colossal anaconda in the shortest time. Fortunately, all the efforts they are about to make will be rewarded worthily. Indeed, they have to work hard and smartly to achieve what they are longing.

Be one of those valuable creatures and enter a dark place in which you are asked to always look for the most delicious parties to fill up your gluttonous mouth. Don’t worry! You are going to discover a wonderful fantasy land full of cookies and every kind of sweets. They are passively spawned and scattered across the playfield at random.

Tons of people gather in the same arena of Wormate.io and wander around together in order to eat everything they are allowed. Aside from that, they are able to smash each other. If you can destroy the prey, you should approach that dead body to plunder what he leaves. When you consume his remaining part with the food you collect previously, you will be fatter and grow bigger significantly. You can realize the benefit that that action brings back to you, too.


Besides of both of items above, there are plenty of bonuses and points in Wormate io game. They are called Boosters which help you gain more mass, attract more stuff, go invisible, and other surprising effects that you can check right away after you pick up them.

Once you are the largest worm, your name will be put on the first spot on the ranking list immediately.

Wormate.io Free Online

If you are looking for the most proper way to conquer the upcoming challenge in Wormate.io mobile game, you can have a look at the explanation below. It is also useful for those who do not want to be the dinner of others.

How to play Wormate online

  • You should discover the simplest controls revolve around using the mouse to navigate or go in the direction you expect without hitch. When you move the cursor, your pet will have to run after it and change position afterwards.
  • To accelerate or boost your movement speed, you will press down the left mouse button. It’s important to apply it if you’d like to run away from others hunters. It is a good idea or an ideal strategy to flee and keep you safe. From that, you can continue your journey.
Wormate.io Multiplayer

Note: It will consume what you have digested swiftly. And you will get smaller.

Keep calm! The size will not be the most crucial key in Wormate.io because small can kill big in a wink if they know how to select appropriate tricks which are similar to tips in Slither.io.

Additionally, defend your head! Do not hit anybody! Otherwise, you will die instantly. You can use that to cut off other players and increase the ability to cluster their scores.

Good luck!

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